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1995 results, showing 1901 - 1910
  1. Polyrhithmische Etuden

    Daniël Belinfante 1942

    100365 April 1942
  2. Trois

    Daniël Belinfante

    100376 Not dated. Three movements The name 'Darius Verdonck' probably refers to Darius Milhaud, and definitely refers to Pierre Verdonck, a Dutch pianist who survived the war in hiding.
  3. Derde Sonatine

    Daniël Belinfante

    101877 Not dated Moderato Adagio Allegro-moderato con spirito 10
  4. Eerste Strijkkwartet

    Daniël Belinfante 1931

    100388 Blaricum, 1931 1. zeer rustig - moderato 2. ‘Wéénsche Walzen’ tempo 3. Allegro (quasi scherzo) très moderato Performed in March 1933 for VARA radio Performed by the Utrecht String Quartet on 15 March 2010 at the Uilenburg …
  5. Sonatine

    Daniël Belinfante 1926

    100373 March 1926 Includes 'Skeletten Polka II' (skeleton polka), which is also part of the 'Suite de la Mort'
  6. Inleidend koor (Kindersprookje)

    Daniël Belinfante

    102096 Introduction large scale choir composition 'Children's Fairytale' Text: Bij een groot paleis.... (at a large palace...) Unfinished
  7. Avondlandschap: impressie naar een schilderij van Jan Broeze

    Daniël Belinfante 1943

    102095 June 1943
  8. Suite im alten Stil op. 40 (for orchestra)

    Wilhelm Rettich

    101413 Suite in old style I Sarabande II Bourrée III Menuet IV Canon V Air VI Gigue There are 5 more versions: for cello and string orchestra op. 40 A for violin and chamber orchestra op. 40 B for viola and string orchestra op. … 22
  9. Tango from Suite de la Mort

    Daniël Belinfante 1934

    102094 June 1934 For piano. Unfinished sketches for choir and orchestra
  10. Te wapen!

    Daniël Belinfante 1924

    102092 For double choir, solo voice and large orchestra