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Epiphanaia Melodeclamatie (Electronisch) naar Joh. XX (1-16)

By Ignace Lilien

Electronical music
Electronics with different instruments (recit electronics)
location of manuscript archive registration number 009/145.090


+ part (recitation)

About Ignace Lilien

Ignace Lilien

His hometown Lemberg, in the Ukraine known as Lviv, and in Poland as Lwów, has a history of occupation by shifting powers. This is why the Germans had trouble figuring out Ignace Lilien's real identity; he survived the war with forged documents. He worked as a chemical engineer, but that didn’t stop him from composing a large oeuvre. His life was as varied as his music, with influences ranging from Polish modernism to South American rhythms and timbres.

by Frans van Ruth