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Kleine prelude van Ravel

By Leo Smit

Vocal music
Voice and keyboard instrument (alt pf)
7 minutes
location of manuscript aanvraagnummer 119/030
published score
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22 June 1938. Text by Martinus Nijhoff

First performance

The première must have taken place before July 1942, probably at the home of Olga Moszkowsky. Performance by Jo Immink (soprano) and Jacques Beers (piano)

About Leo Smit

(05/14/1900 - 04/30/1943)
Leo Smit

1900 - 1943

His music sounds thoroughly French, with bright and blithe notes that seemingly flow easily from his pen. In reality, it took many years before his musical ideas were incorporated into his compositions. And however French it may sound, Leo Smit was in heart and soul hooked to Amsterdam and the Netherlands. His song for women's choir, De bruid (The bride), set to words by Jan Prins is a declaration of love: “The groom was the sunlight and Holland was his bride.” It also took years before his legacy would reach an international audience.

by Jurjen Vis